Osaka Prefectural Education Center
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main building seen from the entrance


  4−1323, Karita, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, 558-0011, Japan
   Phone: 06-6692-1882  Fax: 06-6692-1898
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April 1, 1962
 The Science Education Institute of Osaka Prefecture was founded on the initiative of the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education. In-service training for natural science teachers and educational research began.
April 1,1965
 The Language Laboratory was installed. In-service training for English teachers began.
August 28, 1970
 The South Building opened.
April 1,1971
   The Science Education Institute of Osaka was reorganized. In-service training in Japanese Language, Social Studies, Mathematics, Industrial Arts and Home-making, Information Technology, and Counseling for Handicapped Children was added.
April 1, 1980
 In-service training in Music, Fine Arts and Crafts, and Japanese Calligraphy was added.
April 1, 1983
   Counseling for teachers began.
April 1, 1985
   The Educational Planning Section began in-service training.
April 1, 1987
 The Human Rights Education Research Section began in-service training.
March 19, 1993
 The Main Building opened.
April 1, 1993
 The Science Education Institute of Osaka was reorganized and renamed "Osaka Prefectural Education Center".
April 1, 1999.
 Reorganized to function as a curriculum center.
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1. To provide in-service training to teachers and staff members engaged in educational affairs in Osaka Prefecture.
2. To conduct research on professional and technical matters in the field of education.
3. To collect data and materials in the field of education and make this information available to educators.
4. To provide educational counseling on personal and professional matters.
5. To continue the development of education in Osaka Prefecture.
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  Director, Deputy Director
General Affairs Office
   The office is responsible for general affairs in the Center such as the administration of the budget, personnel management, and maintenance of facilities.
Department of Educational Planning and Coordination
 This department is responsible for planning and adjustment of in-service training and projects the Center conducts, and for in-service training with regard to general seminars, improving teacher performance, overall human rights,special support education and counseling. It also gives advice on education via telephone and e-mail.
Sub-departments include :
   Planning and Adjustment
  ・School Management Research
  ・Human Rights Education
  ・Special Support Education
Department of Subject Studies
  This department is mainly responsible for in-service training in the following subjects and for in-service training in the sciences and industrial skills. It also gives advice on curriculum, and is responsible for administration and management of the "Osaka Inter-school Information Network". In addition, Curriculum Design and Research is in charge of library sevices.
Sub-departments include :  
  ・Curriculum Design and Research
      General Subjects Education
    Japanese Language
    Foreign Languages(English)
    Social Studies,
    Geography & History, Civics
    Arithmetic, Mathematics
    Health & Physical Education
   Industrial and Information Education
    Technical skills & Home economics
         Home economics
     ・Science 1
    Science 2
      Earth Science
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In-Service Training
    The Center holds a variety of in-service training seminars for the improvement and development of teachers' skills and teach- ing abilities. In 2006, there are to be 153 seminars of three broad types: general seminars, topic seminars, and subject seminars.
Research Activity
    The Center also conducts research studies in various fields of education: CentralResearch, Topic Research, and Specific Research.
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Building Layout

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