Ikuno Athletic Ground
Ikuno high school is a public high school located in Matsubara City in Osaka, Japan.  Ikuno is a top 10 public school in Osaka prefecture and has been designated a Super Science High School as well as a Global Leaders High School.  There are 1,080 students in our school.  Every year, roughly 500 students apply to take the entrance exam and only 360 students are selected for admission.

Our goal is to develop global leaders who have the skills to succeed in an international environment by developing mental and physical strength through lessons and club activities.  Ikuno high school has a long and proud history of educating the citizens of Osaka.
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Map to Ikuno from Kawachi Matsubara Station
Kawachi Matsubara Station
Kintetsu Osaka Minami Line

Ikuno High School
Map from Kawachi Matsubara Station to Ikuno High School