2-17-1, Takanodai, Suita, Osaka, 5650861, Japan
phone: 06-6871-0050
fax: 06-6871-2587

@Senri Senior High School was established in April 1967 by the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education and in 1990 the first International Course of Study in Osaka Prefecture was also founded in addition to the General Course of Study. Since then, we have produced deserving youths who are now playing active roles in various fields.

@Our school is located in Senri Hills area in the northern part of Osaka Prefecture near The Expo '70 Commemorative Park, where the 1970 World fs Fair was held. A lot of international, cultural and educational institutions are gathered in this area. Its wide campus is surrounded by beautiful trees and seasonal flowers.

@In such a favorable environment, students enjoy their school life to the full through studies and club activities, and by practicing our school motto; independence of mind, self-reliance, and creativity. We welcome exchange students and visitors from various countries every year and promote international exchange activities. Through these activities, students gain an understanding of different cultures from different countries and realize the importance of communication. They find themselves in an international society and want to dedicate themselves to mutual understanding.

@In April 2005, Senri Senior High School changed into a new school, an international science high school which has a Global Culture Academic Study Course and a General Science Academic Study Course.

The Global Culture Academic Study Course aims at nurturing internationally-minded students. It will create broad international understanding and will foster their basic qualities and abilities to be active in a wide range of fields such as politics, economy, culture, and international relationships in Japan and in the world.

@The General Science Academic Study Course aims at nurturing studentsf interest in natural science. It will improve their logical way of thinking, and foster their basic qualities and abilities to be active in various specialized areas in scientific fields in the future and enable students to contribute to the sustainable development of a global society.

@Under cooperation with families and the community and close ties with universities and research institutes, Senri Senior High School has provided education to increase studentsf cross-cultural awareness and respect for human rights. Improvement of academic abilities, flexible ideas, and communicative competence has always been a part of our goal. Based on these traditions, we also aim to nurture students who have cultured minds and great sensitivity. We believe that our school will help students fly higher in the future.

Makoto Amano

960 students in grades 10-12
480 International Course students
480 Science Course students

The School Emblem is molded after the Japanese character "se", which is the very first letter of "Senri Senior High School".
This also symbolizes green and fresh bamboo leaves which cover the vast and gently sloping area of Senri Hill, where our school stands.
This symbol embodies the elasticity of bamboo and so we hope our students will grow to be strong, yet flexible.

1967: Established by the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education
1990: International Course of Study was newly established
2002: Designated as Super English Language High school (SELHi)
2005: Restructured into an International and Science high school
2010: Designated as Super Science High school(SSH)
2011: Designated as English Frontier High school(SSH)
2015: Designated as Super Global High school(SGH)
2017: Designated as Super Science High school(SSH) again

Senri Senior High School hopes to help students develop an affection for Truth and Righteousness as well as a sense of Purity, Truth and Justice.

Furthermore, we seek to encourage students to foster warmth, sensitivity and respect for other individuals.