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Osaka Prefectural Shinoda Senior High School was founded in April, 1983, and is the 139th prefectural high school in Osaka Prefecture.

It is located at:
3-6-8 Kuzunoha-cho Izumi-shi Osaka 594-0081 Japan
Tel: 0725-23-3631
FAX: 0725-22-8619
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1983 Shinoda High School was established. The first 564 students entered (in 12 classes).
1990 48 computers and the LAN system were installed.
1991 The Information Course was established and the second computer room was created.
1993 Various kinds of courses which students can select from were created. (gGeneralh, hLiberal artsh, gScienceh, gIT Courseh)
1994 The elevator was installed.
2002 The 20th anniversary ceremony of the foundation of the school was conducted.
2003 The five course study system was established (Liberal arts, Humanities, Science and Engineering, Nursing, IT ).
2006 The LAN classroom renovation was completed.
2008 The second computer room was created.
2008 All students in their 2nd year of study began taking The Japan Kanji Aptitude Test.
2011 The 29th graduating class (8 classes) enrolled and began their high school careers at Shinoda High School.

School Motto

Enterprising Harmony Faith

Educational System

We encourage our students to be people who have enterprising spirits of hope, truth, and peace, and who are gintellectually, morally, and physically educated. We strive to develop students who work for harmony, and have bodies and minds which are filled with rich personalities and who have faith, value connections between people, and who respect hard work and responsibility.

The School Badge
The School Badge

Our school borders on Izumi City, Izumiotsu City, and Takaishi City so we made our school badge based on the badges of these three municipalities. The shape of a pen expresses "culture and learning", and the three lines on both sides express "the spreading of intellectual, moral, and physical health to the future".

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