Sumiyoishi High School Web Art Museum

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Sumiyoshi High School  2年 村岡 拓実 MURAOKA Takumi


“Crazy Moment”
This picture expresses the destruction of creatures caused by the changing environment. This is an homage to Guernica by Picasso.

Sumiyoshi High School  3年 宮木 亜菜 MIYAKI Ana


“Things That We Should Protect”
Painted after the Great East Japan Earthquake. In the wake of the recent tsunami, this painting expresses kindness and pride, which we humans have to preserve.

Sumiyoshi High School  2年 指ア 璃子 SHIZAKI Akiko


This is an image of Paris, the capital of art. Painted by (first name) Akiko, who is inspired by not only art but also music.

Sumiyoshi High School  3年 永吉 智紗葵 NAGAYOSHI Chisaki


“Daydream Jointed in Blue”
The black and white zebra is in accordance with the patterns of butterflies. This is a whimsical play on composition, contrasting the size of the buildings with the size of the zebra.

Sumiyoshi High School  OB 林 俊作 HAYASHI Syunsaku


Shunsaku Hayashi has been a famous painter since childhood. He painted this when he was a senior in high school. He is currently attending university in England to study art. He regards the polluted water from factories as the pollution of civilization. This image portrays a person who is being brainwashed by evil.

Sumiyoshi High School  2年 加茂 有梨沙 KAMO Arisa


A girl is challenging herself to paint a large painting for the first time. There are a lot of things to paint, but . . . what?

Sumiyoshi High School  1年 佐藤 真優 SATOU Mayu

「一人」 (F50)

This painting portrays a lonely girl who is treated harshly at school. She is writing her deepest thoughts and feelings. Does the castle express a hope?

Sumiyoshi High School  2年 中村 真生 NAKAMURA Maya


The artist painted the smallest details, one feather of a duck or one petal of flowers with the utmost care. We can feel her love for living things. She painted this work with all her soul.

Sumiyoshi High School  3年 藤田 真代 FUJITA Mayo


In the forest, you can see the morning sky as dawn approaches, making everything visible. Wow! An Alien!