General Information about Sumiyoshi High School

1. School History

1922Established as the 15th junior high school in Osaka Prefecture (11th year of the Taisho Period)
1948Became Sumiyoshi Senior High School (23rd year of the Showa Period)
1990Introduced International Cultural Studies Program
2002Marked 80th anniversary
2005Incorporated a new Comprehensive Science Program into the curriculum
2007Designated as a Super Science High School (SSH)
2008Granted membership in the UNESCO Associated School Pr
2011Designated an English Frontier High School (EFHS)
2012Marks 90th anniversary

2. Student Enrolment: (as of October 1, 2011)

Courses offered in each grade:
   Three classes of Comprehensive Science Program ( “Science Course”)
   Four classes of International Cultural Studies Program (“International Course”)
YearScience CourseInternational CourseTotal
☆ 99% of all the students go to universities after they graduate.

3. Number of graduates: approximately 30,000

We have many outstanding graduates in our long school history. Some were and are scientists, presidents of companies, presidents or professors of universities, doctors, politicians, novelists and artists. The following are some of them:
Mr. Taichi Sakaiya Commentator on political and economic affairs
Chief Producer of the Japanese Pavilion for Shanghai Exposition
Dr. Jotaro KamahoraThe President of Osaka University
Dr. Akio NagaoThe President of Osaka University of Education
Dr. Akira MatsudaDoctor who performed the first heart transplant using a heart from a brain dead donor in Japan
Dr. Yasuo OnishiThe Professor of Washington State University
The Chief Scientist of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

4. Curriculum