Sunagawa High School is...

A quite new Osaka Prefectural public school, founded in 1983 (Showa year 58).

  From the campus, one can see Kansai International Airport in the distance as well as the Akashi Bridge
that connects the airport island to the mainland.  The school also enjoys a rich natural environment.

   There is much greenery within the campus, and flowers can be seen throughout the year. 
Within Osaka Prefecture, it is difficult to find a more beautiful school.

Schoolwork by Year

   First-year (tenth grade) and second-year (eleventh grade) students focus on fundamentals, taking math 
 and English courses in classes with about half the usual number of students in order to allow basics to take root.

   Comprehensive study classes are given as a first step toward future self-fulfillment.
   Third-year (twelfth grade) students have the opportunity to prepare for the future with seventh-period elective
courses to prepare for university entrance exams and so on.

Special Seminar Rooms

    Each floor of the school is equipped with a seminar room, which is used for purposes such as small-group classes, seventh period elective classes for third-year (twelfth grade) students, and supplementary and training courses.

Barrier-Free Campus

      The school building is equipped with an elevator, ramps, a wheelchair-accessible restroom, and other
 facilities to present a fully accssible environment for anyone.

Conversation Corner
  For the 20th anniversary of the school's founding, rest spaces for students were added to the school.  
In several  open spaces in the school, students can be seen enjoying the use of these tables and chairs built from 
wood logs.

Expansion of educational consultation room

A counselor is stationed at the school to provide consultation to students about any issues they may have

Development of variety in classes

Several practical experiences have been incorporated into many different classes.  Students have visited
day-care centers, tried navigating in a wheelchair, and experimented with a vest that simulates pregnancy.  Students can also take certification exams in subjects such as English language proficiency or word processing.

   An ALT (assistant language teacher; native English-speaking teacher) is permanently stationed at the school.  In conjunction with small-group classes, students have the chance to build their English language skill while enjoying study in a fun environment.

Open Campus

The school's community education room is open to the public residing nearby.  In addition, the school has offered community education courses such as English language classes (with the ALT) and computer classes.

The school PTA actively participates in school life, with programs including "Good Morning Greetings" and joint parent/student school cleaning with PTA volunteers.

Recycling facilities have been provided in the school for both aluminum and non-aluminum recyclable items. 

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