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Osaka Prefectual Kanaoka High School

Kanaoka High School, founded in 1974, is located in Sakai City. Sakai is a large industrial town, situated in the southern part of Osaka Prefecture, right next door to Osaka City. Osaka city, with a population of over 2.6million, is the third largest city in Japan. Though Sakai City itself,with a population of over 800,000 would probably be best described as‘urban’, the school is located in a veritable green belt, surrounded by paddy fields and vegetable allotments.

Our school is one of About Kanaoka HS 20 public high schools that serve this particular school district and has almost 1000 students. The school, like most prefectural high schools, is co-ed. During their three years at Kanaoka High, students study a wide range of subjects including: Japanese (Classic and Contemporary works), Math, Science, Art, English, Home Economics, P.E, Japanese History, World History, and Social Studies.

Every morning, as the students enter the schoolyard,the first thing they see is a large stone monument, on which is written the school’s motto:“Show self-control”. The students at Kanaoka High School are encouraged to achieve their dreams by showing self-control and working towards their goals.


The school has a large number of clubs. Students can join various sports clubs such as:the track and field club, the swimming club,the basketball club,the volleyball club,the soccer club, the handball club, the tennis club, the kendo (a japanese martial art) club, the softball club, the badminton club, the table tennis club and the hiking club. Students with a more artistic flair can join cultural clubs such as: the brass band club, the light music club, the dance club, the cartoon and animation club, the broadcasting club, the ESS(English Speaking Society) club, the art club, the cooking and sewing club, the science club, the calligraphy club, the volunteer club and the photography club.


Most of the students at Kanaoka High School go on to study at universities, colleges or advanced vocational schools. Every year, a number of students also join the workforce, gaining employment in various fields. The school holds many events throughout the year. A typical year would include the following:

April Entrance Ceremony and Welcome assembly for the 1st year students
May School Foundation Day
School Picnic
Jun  Sports Day
Art Appreciation
July Clubs training camps
School Excursion to a foreign country
August Supplementary classes
September School Festival
October  School Excursion
January Hyakunin-isshu (Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets) card games
February Farewell assembly for the 3rd year students Graduation Ceremony
March Entrance Examination

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