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About Mikunigaoka High School


Educational policy
- Foster leaders for the new age who will lead the international society of the 21st century
- Encourage students to acquire well-balanced intelligence, virtue and physical strength
- Help students achieve their academic and career goals by enhancing their academic ability


We welcome the leaders of the 21st Century

In 2014, Mikunigaoka High School was designated as a Super Global High School (SGH) for a period of five years by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Our school has also been designated as a Super Science High School (SSH) by MEXT and a Global Leaders High School (GLHS) by the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education.


An educational environment that provides an abundance of opportunities for highly-motivated students to achieve their academic and career goals

Enhancing academic ability
  • Curricula (Exploration-style classes, academic and career planning guidance, supplementary lectures, Super Science courses)
  • Effective High School–University Partnership (Lectures by university professors, one-day university experience programs at the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and Osaka University, and excursions to scientific facilities)
  • Enhancing students’ global perspective (Conducting TOEFL tests or other foreign language proficiency tests as well as offering study tours to foreign countries) Cutting-edge field experience programs for students planning to enter medical school
  • Cutting-edge medical care experience (One-day experience program at the Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University)
  • Regional medical care experience (Field trip to a local hospital)

The spirit of literacy and martial art masters passed down from our predecessors
We promote “emotional education” and “human rights education” with the aim of helping students develop their abilities and skills in order to lead the future society. Furthermore, we nurture students’ independent thinking through school events and club activities.


Various school events to enhance students’ motivation: Great opportunities to develop their independence
We encourage students to independently organize school-related activities,

including student council activities, a cultural festival, and a sports festival.

To nurture students’ creativity, we provide a large number of opportunities for students not only to appreciate works of art, but also to present their own works so they can be actively involved in artistic activities creation.


Club activities: Another form of education that will allow students to learn how to live in society

Approximately 95% of our first- and second-year students have joined at least one of the school’s 20 athletic clubs and/or 17 cultural clubs. Since Mikunigaoka High School is famous for its students being both excellent scholars and athletes, we strive to cultivate their physical strengths, techniques, virtues and spirit through club activities.


Universities most of our graduate attend:
The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Kobe University, etc.

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