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About SGH


Purposes of the Super Global High School Project
Japan is currently faced with a declining birthrate combined with an aging population. As we move forward, Japanese society and economy must become more internationally-minded and globalized if it is to thrive. As an institute of education our task is to foster “global leaders” who will play active and important roles in supporting an international society. We intend to do this by providing students with opportunities to develop their interest, understanding of modern society and communication skills. Furthermore, we will provide knowledge that students can use in the future to help them solve international problems.


Theme of Mikunigaoka SGH
We aim to foster “global leaders” with creativity who can solve social problems that will contribute toward creating a sustainable society on a global scale.

What is “creativity to solve social problems”?
(1)   Ability to develop and implement solutions to new problems in international society by utilizing both knowledge gained from the past and newly learned values
(2)   Ability to understand diversity, and a highly-motivated mentality to persevere through trial and error, based on politeness characteristic of the Japanese


Four pillars of Mikunigaoka SGH

1) Learning the principles of global citizens

Students learn the basic ideas of how global citizens should be mainly from the United Nation’s support activities.
Students are allowed to directly experience the international problems through classes using United Nations Development Programme and Asian Development Bank textbooks, and field trips to Southeast Asia, with the aim of eventually exploring possible solutions.

2) Learning from developed countries
Students learn how a society can be influenced by highly advanced measures and cutting-edge technologies, including technologies of the Interuniversity MicroElectronics Center (IMEC*) and open education using the internet. “The U.S. School on Our Campus,” a course of lectures conducted by instructors of Marylhurst University (Portland, Oregon, USA), is held weekly at our  school. Here students learn methods and principles of urban development in Portland, considered to be the most environmentally-friendly city in the U.S. In March, students visit Marylhurst University, its surrounding communities and companies in the U.S., to study and give research presentations while staying with local families.
* IMEC: An NPO in Belgium engaged in the development of semiconductors and nanotechnologies. More than 500 companies have financed this world-leading research institute, the admiration of researchers all over the world.

3)Learning the current situation of developing countries
We conduct fieldwork in Manila, Philippines, designed to allow students to learn the current situation of a developing country by directly engaging in the lives of people there, visiting NPOs and schools, and studying at the Asian Development Bank. Students consider possible solutions to various ongoing international problems among developed and developing countries.


4)Proposing BOP business plans

We strive to implement BOP business plans, regional development that takes into account environmental conservation and support for people of the BOP (Base of the Pyramid: the largest but poorest socio-economic group). We plan to transmit effective business plans worldwide and put them into practice with the cooperation of concerned parties.

Conceptual diagram of the SGH project

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