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2016 SGH Philippines Fieldwork Report

1. Date: 2016.7.31~2016.8.7 (7 nights and 8 days)

2. Participants: 19 second-year SGH students

3. Teaching staff: 6 members

Former professor at Kwansei Gakuin University: Mr. Shoji Nishimoto
Kyoto University Graduate School: Mr. Keisuke Yano
Principal Tomoko Yamaguchi, Mr. Tatsuro Yamawaki, Mr. Masayuki Otsuka, and Ms. Kazuyo Tanaka

4. Objectives

By visiting the Philippines, we hope to give students an opportunity to understand the current conditions in developing countries, enable them to experience local life and view problems with their own eyes and let them use this experience in making a BOP business plan as part of their subject of research. In addition, we help students acquire knowledge on the reality of international support by training at an international organization and, through a 5-day joint program with Enderun College students, deepen their understanding together with students from overseas.

5. Comprehensive Report

Students received training at the Asian Development Bank (ADB), details as shown below.

ADB International Visitors Program (IVP); Study Visit of Mikunigaoka HS

01 August 2016, 9:00am – 12:00pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 2, North West Core

9:00-9:10 Group Registration at the ADB Visitors Reception Center, ADB Avenue
9:15 Group Photo Opportunity at the Courtyard
9:20-9:30 Introduction and Corporate Video
9:30-10:15 ADB Overview on the Mission and Operations of ADB
By:Yuki Ikeda, Results Management Specialist, Strategy and Policy Department
10:15-11:00 ADB Overview on Poverty Reduction to Inclusive Growth, Strategic Priorities and Operational Focus in ADB
By:Takeshi Ueda,Senior Natural Resources Economist,East and Asia Department
11:00-12:00 ADB Facilities Briefing and Tour
By:Mirko Rizzuto,Facilities Planning and Management Specialist,Office of the Administrative Services,ADB
12:10 Visit to the Public Information Center and Group departure at the ADB Visitors Reception Center,ADB Avenue

2nd-year presentations 01

Mr. Ikeda spoke to the students in regards to the program content, the future of the ADB, his own experiences and the actual state of international support. After training at ADB, the students visited the JETRO Manila office located at Makati City. While there, Ms. Yuri Seki went over data concerning the Philippines, discussed Japanese companies’ investment in the Philippines, and answered the questions from the students.

Our students traveled with the Enderun College students to Payatas, which is known for the garbage mountain. From the top of the hill, the students were able to view the garbage mountain, see the people who collect garbage for a living and experience the terrible smell. The students handed over old clothes they brought from Japan to the local staff to give to the Payatas residents later on.

2 nights and 3 days joint training with Enderun College students at the GK Farm.

The content of the training which took place at GK Farm is shown below.

GK Farm 研修内容
10:00 Welcome Orientation / Expectations
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Social Entrepreneurship Lecture
Social Entrepreneurship Demo1 Mushroom
Social Entrepreneurship Demo2 Golden Egg
16:30 Ideation
19:00 Dinner
6:00 Farming
7:30 Breakfast
9:30 GK Farm Tour
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Social Entrepreneurship Demo3 Plush and Play
Social Entrepreneurship Demo4 Peanuts
16:00 Community Session
17:00 Ideation
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Swimming
7:30 Breakfast
9:00 Ideation
11:00 Processing
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Departure

The founder of the GK Farm, Mr. Tony Meloto gave us a very warm welcome. Despite his status and all the awards he has received both domestically and internationally, he was very friendly and always willing to join the young people during their meals. This year, the Student Council at our school donated a set of radio equipment to the GK Farm. As last year’s donation came to great use and was said to be effective during times of disaster, with Mr. Nishimoto’s assistance, we provided an even better antenna which was presented to Tony by our school principal.

The Non-Profit Research  Center IMEC, Belgium: What It Does, and Why It Is Successful The Non-Profit Research  Center IMEC, Belgium: What It Does, and Why It Is Successful

The students were inspired by many young social entrepreneurs in GK Farm. Moreover, time spent room-sharing with buddies and playing with the local children has become an invaluable experience to them.


On the final day, 6 groups, which were consisted of both Enderun and Mikunigaoka students, gave the presentations of their business plans. In the Closing Ceremony, both Principal Ed Rodriguez from Enderun College and Mr. Nishimoto delivered speeches and, after presenting each student with a certificate of completion, planted a commemorative tree.

The Non-Profit Research  Center IMEC, Belgium: What It Does, and Why It Is Successful The Non-Profit Research  Center IMEC, Belgium: What It Does, and Why It Is Successful

Students’ voice

◆It was hard to forget the people of Payatas and their bright smiles. Even though they are living in a terrible environment, they looked very happy. This made me wonder, and is still in my mind today, whether ‘poverty=unhappy’ is necessarily true. There were things that were just as I had expected, and others which changed the way of thinking completely. It is not that what I saw in the Philippines was entirely different from Japan. Yet, there are things I would never have seen if I stayed in Japan. I came to love this country – a place that felt both far away yet so close - and believe I will visit it again sometime in the future. I hope I will be much more mature by then and ready to contribute to development in the Philippines.

◆I realized through this trip what life looks like beyond poverty and how important it is to determine one’s values in order to solve wealth inequality. Why is it crucial for us to solve this problem? And what is required for us to achieve this? The week I spent in the Philippines was an important time for me to ask myself these questions. After this fieldwork, I made the decision to make a 10-year plan focusing on how to solve poverty.

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