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Mikunigaoka SGH Lehigh - UN Study Tour 2018
~ Iacocca Mikunigaoka Global Business Intensive ~

1. Date: July 29 to August 5, 2018

2. Trip Members: 30 students and 3 accompanying teachers

3. Objectives:

Through special lectures on business and visiting companies while in Lehigh University (Pennsylvania, USA), students gained business knowledge and were able to improve their social business plans. In addition, they took a special lecture from the United Nations in New York City which extended their knowledge about the role and current situation of international organizations.

4. Comprehensive Report

Day 1

AM:Orientation/Campus Tour
PM:Startup, Disruptive Innovation (Prof. Joshua Ehrig)
Business Model Canvas & Introduction to Investment Deck (Prof. Joshua Ehrig)
Virtual Meeting with IGEI- San Francisco students

Day 2

AM:Marketing / Effective Presentations (Prof. Pat Costa)
PM:The Leadership Framework (Director, Kira Mendez)
Mountaintop Experience

Day 3

AM:Wall Street Walks / 9.11 Memorial Park
PM:United Nations Briefing – International Labor Organization
Times Square

A staff from the International Labor Organization (ILO) gave a 1-hour lecture at the United Nations. During the lecture, the students asked many questions such as ILO’s role and labor problems in Japan.

Day 4

AM:International Business Session (Prof. Charles Stevens)
PM:Martin Guitar Tour

Students attended a lecture by Prof. Charles Stevens on international business expansion. They were able to learn about the population, economic gap, and social tolerance of some countries, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of expanding businesses globally.

Day 5

AM:Steel Stacks Site Visit and Executive Visit (Dr. Ranjah Sachdev, Founder of Exscribe)
PM:Team Presentation (Prof. Joshua Ehrig and Pat Costa)

Prof. Joshua Ehrig and Prof. Pat Costa met the students and gave a presentation about the 6 social business plans currently in preparation. Students also had the opportunity to give a presentation in English based on the professors’ advices. Despite some students feeling regretful for being unable to respond well during the Q&A session, it was indeed a very good experience for them.

Presentation titles are as follows.

4.Pet’s trust

The professors awarded team ‘Pet’s trust’ for their outstanding presentation.

5. Summary

The SGH program of Mikunigaoka High School has been highly regarded by the U.S. Consulate General Osaka-Kobe. Thanks to the cooperation of U.S. Consulate General and local staff, we were able to conduct an effective training program. Despite facing jet lag, the students were always punctual, well-behaved, and actively participated in their training. They were even complimented by local staff for their excellent behavior. We hope to continue this valuable training for the years to come.

6. Students’ Reflection

・ I am interested in American (overseas) universities. I felt that it is necessary to attend a foreign university to make my dream of becoming a global leader come true. I was able to grow and improve myself, and expand my future choices.

・ In the video shown during the leadership lecture, we learned, in an understandable way, about leaders and various forms of leadership. I was very impressed at how the professor effectively used visual materials in helping students understand the concepts better. Leadership changes with history, and it also changes depending on the circumstances. I agree with this opinion. I will aspire to be a leader with a diverse perspective on global issues, while maintaining a deep understanding in one belief.

・ Ground Zero left the greatest impression on me when we walked around Downtown New York. Before the visit, I did not know how it looks now. There are now two huge fountains and the terror victims’ names were carved one by one. There were flowers for those who have their birthdays. In contrast to Wall Street, it was a very calm and quiet place that I wouldn't think that I was at Central Manhattan. Standing in Ground Zero, I couldn’t hide my shock that the plane flew into this business area and crashed into the Twin Towers. At the United Nation Headquarters, I saw places which were listed on our textbook, such as the Security Council, Trusteeship Council, and General Assembly hall. Also, there were exhibits related to atomic bombing to express the wish for peace. Hearing the guide talk about the atomic bombing, I felt the magnitude of Japan’s presence in fostering international peace and the obligation to contribute to world peace.

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