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School Osaka Prefectural Tondabayashi Junior and Senior High School
Location and Direction
584-0035 Tondabayashi City Tanigawa Town 4-30
Tel: 0721-23-2281 Fax: 0721-23-2204
The nearest station:
Kintetsu Nagano Line Tondabayashi Nishiguchi Station
Access: From Kintetsu Line Abenobashi Station, 45 minutes
     From Nankai Line Namba Station, 1 hour
Kuriyama Satoru & Daimon Kazuki

This year Tondabayashi Senior High School marked the 120th year since its foundation in 1901. The school has been sending many great women and men out into the world who are actively participating in various fields within society.

We believe that the keywords of the 21st century are globalization, computerization, at diversification. To solve the problems that continue to persist in developed countries the power to transform tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge will be needed in the immediate future, and it must spread out on a world-wide scale, as this knowledge will be the stimulus for economic activity.

From a global point of view, Tondabayashi SHS has been continuously innovative in its aim to create global leaders. To strengthen the spirit of Tondabayashi SHS, we aim to educate young talented women and men in literature and sciences by providing them with the encouragement and confidence they need to contribute to the world in the future, and by trying to find more fruitful educational activities achieve their goals.

Reaching our goals is a continuous learning process, but with great effort, motivation and collaboration between the principal, teachers and students, we will find success. We are hopping for continuous support and guidance from everyone.
Faculty and Staff Tondabayashi SHS : the principal and vice-principal, 52 teachers, a nursing teacher.
Tondabayashi JHS : the principal and vice-principal, 18 teachers, a nursing teacher , a nutrition teacher.
History 1901 Established as Osaka Prefecture 8th Common Junior High School
1901 Changed the name to Osaka Prefecture Tondabayashi Junior High School
1948 Changed to Osaka Prefecture Tondabayashi High School (coeducation)
2001 Celebrated the centennial anniversary of the school's foundation
2011 Cerebrated the 110th anniversary of the school's foundation
2017 Osaka Prefecture Tondabayashi Junior High School was established and
combined with Tondabayashi Senior High School.
Educational Goals @Foster 'global' leaders (Leaders who play an active part both globally and locally)
ATo strengthen the students' knowledge, understand and attitudes towards:
    ・global points of view
    ・scientific thinking
    ・working for the good of the community
University Acceptance