Nagano High School

Nagano High School

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Basic information

Osaka Prefectural Nagano High School, founded in 1973, located 20 min. walk from Kawachi-Nagano station on Kintetsu Nagano Line and Nankai Koya Line, or Chiyoda Station on Nankai Koya Line, near city hall, on hill with a view of surrounding area


Course makeup

Regular course, oriented towards students pursuing a general curriculum in preparation for university studies

International course, focused on foreign-language study and international cooperation, in preparation for university and future careers involving foreign languages


International course highlights

Intensive English-language program:

  - Cross-Cultural Understanding (2x/week, with native English teacher)
  - Basic Writing Skills
  - English Expression
  - English Grammar

Course in second foreign language (French, German, Chinese) or English for current-events (Jiji-eigo)

Study-abroad opportunities, both short-term (Australia, New Zealand) and long-term (via various organizations)

Sister-school relationship with Sunbury College in Melbourne, Australia; visits every other year

Many visiting students studying abroad in Japan

Supplementary courses in Japanese for students studying abroad in Japan, foreign students living in Japan, or Japanese students returning from living abroad


School events

- Sports Day (June)
  - Cultural Festival (September)
  - International Guest Speakers (January)
  - Exchange Events (November)
  - School Trip (for 2nd-years) (October)
  - Kawachinagano English Forum (English speech contest) (November)



  - Badminton
  - Volleyball
  - Basketball
  - Table-tennis (ping-pong)
  - Kendo
  - Wandervogel (Outdoor activities)
  - Swimming
  - Soft tennis
  - Tennis
  - Soccer (association football)
  - Track and field
  - Handball
  - Baseball
  - Folk song (music club)
  - Photography
  - Drama
  - Broadcasting
  - Art
  - Brass band
  - Tea ceremony & Flower arrangement
  - Literature
  - English Speaking Society (ESS)
  - Taiko (traditional Japanese drums)
  - Glasswork
  - Science