Memory Lane Part 7

Farewell Party

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Time to appreciate host family's hospitality

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しかし例年、入学式・オリエンテーション・宿泊研修(一年生)、校外学習(二年生)、学校2大行事の一つ体育祭、2回の中間考査、Clarkstown High School (New York)の受け入れ、部活動、学級活動と目まぐるしい4カ月です。


Pre-departure study sessions need to be improved for the next trip to New Zealand. 

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However, we mentioned before on this HP that our performances at the farewell party was nothing but brilliant. They highly evaluated our performances with thunderous applauds. Our parents and guardians love the photos very much. They comment how great and useful "yukata," summer kimonos were. Yes, they were. "Yukata" was the central piece of the event that night. 





By the way, on the way home, in the Auckland International Airport, we happened to meet Semboku High School students who finished the similar program in other part of New Zealand. You can take a look at photos that show their Study Abroad program on their HP.




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