Memory Lane Part 13

Regular classes resumed from today (August 27th). We held our Open School and hosted many prospective students and their parents/guardians. Let's give them a good luck.


Thank you very much for showing strong interests on our report on A Trip to New Zealand. Your interests and supports are nothing but splendid and remarkable. We owe you a lot to our success as we mentioned before. We would have had no sweet memories and great experiences without your extraordinary co-operation. Our super appreciation will go to whoever was involved in the trip. Thank you so much.






毎日の写真アップありがとうございます。楽しみに毎日数回まだかまだかとパソコン開いています。(^-^)あっとゆうにホームステイファミリーともさよならの日がきてしまいました。うまく馴染めずじまいで終わってしまったのではないかと少し不安です!?明日のさよならパーティーでは感動のシーンを味わうのでしょうか(^O^) 空港に着いたら質問攻めしそうです(^O^) あと数日間、みんなが楽しめる充実した日でありますように♡♡♡ また楽しい写真アップ待っています。ありがとうございます!


すごいっ!どういういきさつで○○が挨拶させてもらえたのか、また内容がどうであったのかはわかりませんが、外国の生徒達の前で英語で挨拶ができ、そのことで拍手がもらえたという出来事は、彼の自信にもなり、一生の宝物になることでしょう。ありがとうございます。(下線部: 修正)


8/3()朝、見ました。凄くビックリしました。丁寧に細かな・・・見る側は感動です。有難う御座います。先生は凄く大変だったと想像します。(寝ましたか?って感じです。御苦労様です。) 浴衣、大活躍ですね。凄い充実感が写真を通し伝わります。浴衣・学生服、集合写真、ホストファミリーとの夕食会のテーブルごとの写真、温かみを感じます。凄く良いです。有難う御座いました。


最後は参加者の英語の感想文でこのブログを一度休止させてもらいます。ただし一時的です。次は、文化祭のニュージーランド語学研修の展示の様子をこのブログでお知らせします。There will be more unshared parents' and guardians' comments. Please look forward to the latest report. Again, thank you for your unconditional help. We will see you on September 7th and 8th. Please take a great care.


I was excited and I wanted to get to NZ earlier than I got there. And it took a long time to go to NZ by plane. But my feelings changed. It made me become more nervous to meet my host family. My friends were called by the teacher one after the other. It was very frightening for me. My host family shook my hands and they said "Nice to meet you." I couldn't answer such a simple greeting in the beginning. And we went to their house by car together. They spoke to me. But I couldn't understand them. Then I thought I want to go home early.

 But a few days later, I got used to the new environment and I had fun.

 My host brother took me to my classroom every day and introduced me to his friends. The youngest boy was so cute. I'd like to bring him back to Japan. The middle boy looks naughty. But he is the kindest of the three. And he sang a song with a guitar to me.

In NZ, I could do a lot of things which aren't easy to do in Japan. For example, I rode a horse, caught an animal in a trap and held a chicken and so on. And the view was so beautiful because there were many sheep, cows and mountains. When it became night, we could see many beautiful stars. I made sushi for the host family on the weekend. They were very glad and ate all of it. They took me to a museum and a beach. Then father bought me fish and chips. It was very nice. We went to the grandparents' house after that. Then we ate dinner. And we went to their cousins' house. It was so fun.

These fun times finished in a flash. Now we talked by Facebook. I want to go there again. I could be exposed to real English and made a new family through this training.

It was so fun.


It was the first time for me to visit New Zealand and stay there. When I met the host family, I was worried because I had to use only English. On the first day, I was unable to understand at all the conversations which a host family spoke. So I only replied in English to the questions that my host family asked. When I came home which was a long way from a school, I was surprised by the big house. There was a beach called, 'Ngonguru' near there. I felt good there. Then, my host mother welcomed me as soon as I entered the room. My host mother, Donna's English was intelligible.  I could converse in English, and little by little I thought, "English is interesting!" At night, I slept soundly because I heard the sound of the waves.


The next day, I was surprised that I could continue conversations in English on the bus.

Only one day had passed since I met my host family, but I thought that conversations in English are better and easier if you are motivated to talk. Even if I could not understand English, I did not give up and tried to talk from my heart.


When I went to Whangarei Girls' High School for the first time, the Maori's building was an impressive place. I was surprised that the Maori's tradition and culture were valued like this.

The high school students were running with bare feet vigorously, and when I spoke to them, everybody addressed me. I thought there were no uniforms in the schools in New Zealand, however, everybody who wore the school uniform was fresh. There were also many students who are studying Japanese and they got interested in Japan very much. I thought there were no students without curiosity. And everybody was positive.


It was summer in Japan, but in New Zealand it was winter. Although it was not so cold in the winter in New Zealand, I felt cool wind all the time. On a rainy day, I did not know why the electric current cut off repeatedly. Moreover, in New Zealand, I heard that it seldom snows and I wanted children to make a snowman in Japan.


In the morning lesson, I really appreciated Ms. Helen and Ms. Jill. In the bus, many students were here and there after school. I did not get accustomed to the environment in English at first. But when I wished to talk with others, I was able to get accustomed to the environment automatically. When I returned to the host family's house, in addition to the family, a family friend of my host family was coming. And nine people lived together. But there were many rooms and there were three bathrooms. So there was no problem at all. Every members of my host family was familiar with Japan and conversation became lively about Japan. I have to become more interested in foreign countries. I showed my host mother a Japanese map. And I told her about the name of places. I also taught my host sister Japanese.


The milk of New Zealand was delicious. I could not compare it to the milk I drank after returning to Japan. I ate 'Hokey Pokey' ice cream for the first time. The cheese was plain and very delicious.


Day after day, I was able to speak with people other than host mother. And I had pleasant time every day. One day, I went fishing at Tutukaka with my host family. It was my first fishing experience. Although it was cold, the sea breeze in Tutukaka had a wonderful scene. The beautiful grand sky gradually dyed dark red. It was thrilling.


And the day of separation came at last. 'Oh, I do not want to return to Japan! I would like to be with the host family longer. Tears overflowed and did not stop. There were many kinds of nature near my host family's house, and everybody was kind to me. I felt unforgettable days had passed quickly. It is difficult for me to always tell what I want to say clearly in an English environment. However, I learned that English conversation is very interesting through my homestay.


Even now in my heart, a daily occurrence revives like it was yesterday's thing. And I would like to go to New Zealand and meet my host family again immediately. I did not realize until now how wonderful life could be in New Zealand. I noticed people may not understand such a life if they do not stay there. I have a strong desire to participate in the program next year, too.


I would like to give my appreciation to my teacher and people with kindness! 












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