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school Osaka Prefecture Tondabayashi Senior High School (daily )
Location and directions
584-0035 Tondabayashi City Tanigawa Town 4-30
Tel: 0721-23-2281 Fax: 0721-23-2204
The nearest station:
Kintesu Nagano Line Tondabayashi-nisiguchi Sattion
Access: From Kintesu Line Abenobashi Station, 45 minutes
@@@@@From Nankai Line Namba Station, 1 hour
Hiruta Isao

Tondabayashi Senior High School, this year marked the 114th year since its foundation in 1901. The school has been sending many great men out into the world that are actively participating in different fields within society.

We believe that the keywords of the 21st century are globalization, computerization, and diversification. To solve the problems that continue to persist in developed countries, the power that could transform tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge will be necessary in the immediate future, and it needs to spread out on a world-wide scale, as it will be the stimulus for economic activity.

From a global point of view, Tondabayashi SHS has been continuously innovative in that it aims to create global leaders. To deepen the Tondabayashi spirit, we intend to educate men of talent in literature and military sciences, giving them the needed encouragement to contribute to the world in the future, and try to find more fruitful educational activities to achieve their goals.

The motivation of the principal and the teachers together with the students will be a continuous learning process. We are hoping for continuous support and guidance from everyone.
Faculty and staff The principal and vice-principal, 65 teachers, a school nurse, three assistant teachers, an office manager, an office worker, two technical workers, 10 part-time teachers, one assistant language teacher, a school doctor, a school dentist, and a school pharmacist
History 1901 Established as Osaka Prefecture 8th Common Junior High School
1901 Changed the name to Osaka Prefecture Tondabayashi Junior High School
1948 Changed to Osaka Prefecture Tondabayashi High School (coeducation)
2001 Celebrated the centennial anniversary of the school's foundation
Program system 1st
General course
Standard course
Literature major
Science major
HD(Human Development) course
Literature major
Science major
Standard course
Literature major
Science major
HD(Human Development) course
Literature major
Science major
Educational goals ‡@ To foster 'glocal' leaders (leaders who play an active part both globally and locally)
‡A To strengthen the students' endowments as follows:
    EA global point of view
    EScientific mind
    EWorking for the good of the community
Annual events April: Entrance ceremony, opening ceremony, achievement test , introduction of club activities, health checkup, physical fitness test, field trip
May: sports match, midterm exam, teaching practice for college students
June: School festival
July: Midterm exam, art appreciation

August: Extra lessons, achievement test
September: Sports day, term exam
October: opening ceremony for the 2nd term, memorial school trip for 2nd year students (Taiwan)
November: Academic ability test, chorus competition for 2nd year students
December: Midterm exam

January: Opening ceremony, presentation competition by 1st /2nd year students on their research
February: Final exam
March: Graduation ceremony, closing ceremony for 1st/2nd year students
Annual events The rate of enrollment in club activities is more than 95 percent. 3rd year students gradually retire after Golden Week.

<Sports club activities>
Baseball, table tennis, tennis, soft tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball, soccer, track and field, gymnastics, judo, kendo, rock climbing, swimming, badminton, rugby, and softball

<Cutural club activities>
literature, drama, photography, scinece, tea ceremony, brass band, light music, broadcasting, dance, baton, fine art, calligraphy, and UNESCO
University Acceptance