Today, some of the students took art class. Students in Holland Park made the work that they wanted to make by thinking about the materials and processes from scratch.Every student's work was very creative and wonderful. While the students were working on each piece, our art teacher gave us a piece of paper. We painted something that left an impression on us during our stay in Australia.
ArtWall.jpeg Painting.jpeg
After lunch break, we had a science class. We learned about electromagnetics. We did some experiments using copper wire and magnets to build motors. It was a bit difficult, but it was still fun.
RightHandRule.jpeg Electromagnet3.jpeg
It was a little rainy in the afternoon, so it was a good day to do some shopping with host families at the grocery store and to buy some souvenirs for classmates in Japan. We're really looking forward to spending the weekend with our host families. Thank God It's Friday!