A Gift Exchange Between Schools

Today, there was a ceremony to officially welcome us to Holland Park. At first, we were just sitting there, but we got nervous when our names were called. We realized once again that we have an important role to play as ambassadors from Tennoji High School, and Japan. After a few speeches from students and teachers, there was an officially gift exchange between our two schools. I felt honored to be involved in the exchange between the two schools.
GiftExchangeB.jpeg GiftGroupB.jpeg
After the ceremony there was a biology class. This was the first time studying biology at Holland Park State High School so it was really exciting. Holland Park students taught some technical terms to make the lesson easier to understand.
Morning Tea and Lunchtime have been a lot of fun. At first, it was scary talking to unknown students, but after getting up the courage to do so, they were very accepting. This was a really good experience. It's a little sad that we're so close to having to leave Australia. We need to make great memories and keep in touch with Holland Park students!