Only Two Days Left, but So Much Left to Enjoy

This morning, the student council handed out free pancakes to commemorate the opening of the new cafeteria. They were very delicious. Also, my buddy gave me a lot of Australian sweets during homeroom. When I go back to Japan, I want to eat them with my friends and family.
The 1st to 3rd periods we spent with our buddies, and the 4th period was a technology class with only students from Tennoji High School. First, we play-tested some computer games that Holland Park students had made using simple computer programming. After that, the teacher made us our own original key chains using a laser cutter. We also put together wooden kangaroos that were cut with the laser cutter.
Maze.jpeg LaserCutter.jpeg
Some of us wrote letters to our host families and buddies today. As we were writing these, we were surprised by the realization that we can only stay in Australia for two more days, and felt very sad that we have to say goodbye to our host families and buddies in just two more days. We only have these final two days to enjoy cooking and eating with our host families. We've tried making a lot of new and amazing foods, like Mexican food, that we never make at home in Japan. Australia is full of delicious food that we are happily enjoying. I don't feel ready to go back home.
Pancakes.jpeg ClockTower.jpeg