Our First Presentation to Holland Park

Today, during the 3rd period, we learned about Aboriginal art. There are many different styles of art that come from different Aboriginal groups around Australia. Starting with the Aboriginal words "Galang Nguruindau," meaning "good day," we made our own art using all of the styles we learned about.
ArtHistory.jpeg AboriginalSymbols.jpeg MakingArt.jpeg
In the 4th period, we gave a presentation about Japanese culture and it was great because everyone seemed to have fun wearing yukata and playing with Japanese toys.
Yukata.jpeg Koma2.jpeg Origami.jpeg
At first it was difficult to talk to students other than our buddy students, but after practicing some conversational phrases yesterday, it became easier to talk to other students with more confidence. Cooking meals, like pasta, with our host families has been another fun thing. It's nice to be able to something for our host families because they've been helping us so much. We want to do our best to get to know them better.