One Week Down and One to Go

We've been in Australia for one week now, and we have one week until we return to Japan. It's hard to believe our trip is half over already. Today was another day for us to spend with our host families, here are some highlights:
It was raining in Brisbane today, so I went to Bribie Island with my host mother, her aunt, and her friend. When we first arrived, we ate delicious fish and chips at a seaside restaurant. As soon as the food was brought, a lot of seabirds gathered around us. It was cute. After eating, we walked near the beautiful beach and collected seashells. I've wanted to go to the beach since I came to Australia, so I was very happy and had a lot of fun. On the way home I bought pizza, which I enjoyed eating while watching Harry Potter with my host family.
Fishandchips.jpeg Drink.jpeg Surf.jpeg Beachfront.jpeg
In the morning I tried oatmeal and wheat food for the first time, but they didn't suit my palate so I couldn't eat them. We went to the forest near my host family's house. They told me that koalas can be seen there but unfortunately we couldn't find any koalas. Instead, we could see big turkeys and a big lizard. I was excited because I've never seen such a big lizard. In the afternoon we had a big gyoza and pizza party. A lot of people came to the house, but I've met them before so I could talk with them easily. I tried to make gyoza for the first time, which was really fun. Also, I played soccer with my friends. After we finished the party a storm suddenly hit. After it finished raining, my host family's friend came to the house to play with the children. We drew pictures together and had a good time.
Soccer.jpeg Overcast.jpeg Rainy.jpeg YoungArtists.jpeg
Today, I went to Gold Coast with my host mother. We walked along the beach. There were a lot of silver gulls and when I ate chips they came close to me. That was a little scary. I saw the beautiful sea and I took a lot of pictures. Also, I went to some stores to buy souvenirs for my friends and family. After that, I enjoyed eating ice cream. While eating, it started to rain. It was raining heavily. I was surprised because my host mother said "This is normal rain." We hurried to our car and went home. After that, I joined a family dinner again. The last family dinner was last Sunday. My host family holds a family dinner every Sunday. I ate Lasagna for the first time and it was delicious. I enjoyed eating and talking with my host family relatives. It was so fun!
BeachWaves.jpeg NiceLunch.jpeg FamilyDinner.jpeg
Today, I went to a big shopping center that is about 15 minutes from my host family's house. The building itself was only one floor, but the interior size was amazing, so I walked a lot. Also, I ate delicious ice cream. I bought many souvenirs for my classmates and clubmates. There was a Buddhist temple on our way home so we went there after shopping. As soon as we entered the building, it started raining heavily, so we went home right away. It was interesting to see a Buddhist building in Australia.
Watermelon.jpeg Icecream.jpeg Temple1.jpeg Temple2.jpeg
Today, I went to Hyperdome shopping mall. I had only 2 hours for shopping, so I shopped as quickly as possible. Today I bought a lot of souvenirs to take back to Japan. The other day, my buddy recommended some good souvenirs. So I chose some of the them. My favorite souvenir is Caramello Koala, which is caramel in chocolate Because we could buy interesting things in the supermarket that we can't buy in Japan, such a strange fruits, I enjoyed shopping. After that, we went to a traditional Chinese temple. At first, it was cloudy, but it soon started raining heavily. We were surprised at that and laughed at our soaked figures. We've ended our last weekend in Australia. It was very sad. But, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
Coles.jpeg Fruits.jpeg Temple3.jpeg Temple4.jpeg