Saturday in Australia

Today was the first full day we spent with our host families. Everyone did different things today, so we could all have fun in different ways. Here are some highlights of our Saturday: We walked to Riverbar & Kitchen and ate breakfast. On the way home I was able to see a parade by chance on the way so I was happy! After that, we went to an art museum. I was very happy because I had wanted to go there for a long time. The works on display were very stimulating and I enjoyed them very much. For dinner, my host mother cooked a very delicious dinner. We laughed the whole time and l was very happy to be able to spend time with such a wonderful host family.
Breakfast.jpeg Gallery.jpeg Parade.jpeg Building.jpeg
Today, we went for a walk with my host family's dog. We went to the Wynnum Mangrove BoardWalk. We saw various kinds of animals like Pied Oystercatchers and Australian White Ibises. They were unique and interesting to me. After that, my host mother and I prepared to make sushi. They don't have a rice cooker so we cooked rice with a frying pan. It was hard for me because I have no experience of cooking rice with a frying pan, but I succeeded in cooking it. We also made Sumeshi. After the preparation was finished, we made sushi rolls ourselves. We used smoked salmon, cucumbers, chicken, tuna, and so on. I wasn't sure whether it would go well, but everyone enjoyed the sushi. I was so happy.
Dog2.jpeg Boardwalk.jpeg MakingSushi.jpeg Sushi.jpeg
I went to the Gold Coast beach in the morning because it was forecasted to rain today. I was worried about the weather, but I was happy because it was sunny! I was very happy to be able to go to the Gold Coast because I have always wanted to visit. The water was extremely clean. After that, I did a BBQ at my host family's brother's house. There was a bird in his house and it was very cute. After eating a lot of delicious meat at the BBQ, I went home and slept like crazy.
BBQ.jpeg Beach.jpeg Beach2.jpeg Bird.jpeg
Today, another student who was staying at the same home returned to Japan, so we'll miss her. After she left, we went to the Gold Coast. It was supposed to be rainy today, but actually it was sunny and cloudy. I have never seen such a beautiful sea. The water was very clear, and the sand was very white and smooth. We could see some surfers. I've never surfed , so I want to surf someday. There were many big waves, so I could swim down the big wave. It was exciting for me and I could enjoy swimming. After that we enjoyed a BBQ. It was a fun time and I ate a lot of great foods. We have only one more week! I want to stay here as long as possible. So decided to enjoy our second week in Australia even more!
Rockview3.jpeg Sand1.jpeg Beach3.jpeg 9A450DCD-D864-4069-8195-7BFDF3FF8D30.jpeg