A Day Out with Our Buddies

Today, we went to South bank with our buddies. We could speak a lot with them. First, we went to the Queensland art gallery. We could enjoy looking at artwork created by famous Australian and international artists. There was even some art by a Japanese artist, which was wonderful. In the gallery, we could sketch the art.
Gallery.jpeg Gallery2.jpeg Gallery3.jpeg Gallery4.jpeg
After that, we went to a museum. The museum tour guide told us about the canoes people used to travel between Australia and New Guinea.
Museum1.jpeg Museum2.jpeg
Then, we went shopping around Queen's Street Mall . There were a lot of shops, but we had only 30 minutes, so we had to buy souvenirs quickly. Finally, we ate lunch at MAX BRENNER, a famous chocolate shop. We could eat sweets with chocolate. They tasted amazing, but were high in calories. We felt like we didn't want to go home because today was such a marvellous day. We need to cherish every day left.