It's not 'Goodbye,' it's only 'See you again!'

Today was our last day at Holland Park State High School. They opened the school uniform shop for us, and we wore their uniforms and took pictures.
UniformShop.jpeg Uniforms.jpeg
During morning tea and lunch there were long lines at the tuck shop because today is Saint Patrick's Day. We ate potato pancakes called Boxty, a traditional Irish food, and cupcakes with green cream that symbolized Ireland.
After the last class, we went to Holland Park's brand new cafe space and found many delicious-looking fruits and sandwiches there. The teachers and students at Holland Park gave us a farewell party. They played did some musical performances for us and gave us farewell presents. It became an unforgettable memory.
Cake2.jpeg Food2.jpeg Group.jpeg
Thanks to Holland Park teachers, many students including our buddies, our host families, our parents, and Tennoji high school teachers who were involved in this exchange study, we could have the most enjoyable two weeks of our lives. We can't wait to meet our new friends from Holland Park again when they visit Japan later this year.