Tennoji vs. Holland Park Volleyball

Today, we gave a presentation about Japanese culture again. We did better than before and we were able to do it smoothly. It was difficult to teach how to fold Origami and how to throw Koma, but we tried our best using Japanese and English. It was a wonderful time because it appeared that everyone enjoyed Japanese culture.
Yukata.jpeg Origami.jpeg
In the 2nd period, we had an English class. We learned a lot of new words that can express our feelings or emotions in more detail. It's important to try not to only say 'good,' but also say 'marvellous,' 'fantastic', and 'terrific.'
WordSearch.jpeg Vocab.jpeg
We had a PE lesson in the 3rd period and played volleyball. We practiced bumping, setting, spiking and serving It was hard to control the ball. After practicing, we played a match between Tennoji High School students and Holland Park State High School students. It was exciting when we succeeded in passing the ball. We enjoyed it so much.
VB1.jpeg VB3.jpeg VB4.jpeg VB5.jpeg
In Australia, many people have their own private pools at their houses. Some of our host families have pools, so there are some chances to go swimming after school. Swimming while enjoying the beautiful scenery was enjoyable, but at the same time it was a little bit depressing because we only have a few days before we go back to Japan. We will make the most of our remaining time.