The First Full Day of Lessons

Four days have passed since we arrived in Australia. It's easier to speak & listen to English than four days ago. Today, we took four classes with our buddies for the first time. It was very hard for us because teachers and students spoke English quickly. Today, there were English, music, math and art classes. In the music class we tried three activities. The first activity was a "heads & tails" coin game. The second activity was a "hand clapping game". The rules were not so difficult, but playing it was more difficult than expected because we needed to use our brain. In this game a Tennoji student was today's champion! The third activity was learning to play drums. It was the first time for all of us. We could learn fundamental rhythm used for drumming. It was a very wonderful time!
CoinGame.jpeg ClappingGame.jpeg Drumming.jpeg
In the art class we made posters that said "Welcome" in languages from around the world. These posters will be used to decorate Holland Park on Harmony Day, March 21st. Two kind students taught us how to draw the posters. They could speak Japanese well, so we had a fun time chatting with them.
Art1.jpeg Art2.jpeg
There was one surprising thing in today's classes. Students use their laptops to take notes, not notebooks. In Japanese high school, we usually use notebooks in class. We noticed how important it is to use laptops well. School life in Australia is hard, but we want to continue enjoying as much as we can.