Welcome to Country

Today, we met an Australian Aboriginal person named Jahmarley Dawson who performed a "Welcome to Country" ceremony for us . We enjoyed aboriginal music and dancing. He also introduced their special tools like boomerangs, spears, and an instrument named "Didgeridoo". Finally, he performed a traditional "Smoking Ceremony" that allows us to connect with the spirits of our ancestors. His story was very interesting.
Facepaint.jpeg SmokingCeremony.jpeg JDawson.jpeg
After that, we joined welcome party with our buddy students. We ate some Australian food like Timtams and bread with vegemite. It was fun to talk with our buddies! In the afternoon we tried making Pavlova. Pavlova is a traditional sweet that was created in either Australia or New Zealand. The version of Pavlova we made was done by placing whipped cream and fruits on meringue. They were a little bit too sweet but we enjoyed eating them.
Cooking1.jpeg Cooking2.jpeg Pavlova.jpeg