Mid-Term Presentation Meeting on SGH Project Study in the First Year of Reiwa

October 31, 2019 15:57

Hello! I am Moriguchi, a Social Studies teacher.

I will report a mid-term presentation meeting on SGH Project Study held on September 27 (Fri.).

This year the presentation meeting was held in three classrooms, instead of two rooms as held last year, because the number of students who have taken Project Study has doubled this year. Since April they had been studying as hard as possible at school and home for this day. In the second semester, they stayed in the classroom late until the time to leave school in order to prepare the slides and the abstract. Some teams practiced the presentation every morning. As a result of such efforts, their presentations were excellent. Afterwards they received comments from the steering committee in each room.

The next meeting on SGH Project Study (results-presentation meeting) will be held in February. I want our students to work further on literature searching and problem solution in order to deepen their study.

→Meeting scene in each room