Our Students Make Presentations in GLHS Study Presentation Session!

Hello again! I am Inoue, a Japanese Language teacher.

On February 8 (Sat.) the GLHS (Global Leaders High School) study presentation session was held at Osaka University, in which the Vision1 "Farewell Fairtrade" team participated. Our students who joined American Studies Tour also made a presentation.

The "Farewell Fairtrade" team had once set up a booth to sell Fairtrade products at the LOHAS FESTA in the Expo-since then they have been studying about a fair trade to spread it widely. During the presentation the team not only state the study results but also ask the audience a question why a fair trade should be emphasized. The phrase "Farewell Fairtrade" represents the team's concept that a fair trade should be taken for granted, without adding the word "Fair"-such a society is the team's aim.

The members practiced hard within a limited time before and after the presentation at Toyonaka High School on February 5 by repeating trial and error while teachers supported them. The final phrase in the slide, "We can surely change the world," deeply impressed us with their enthusiastic, honest thoughts as high school students. They have really done well!