Summer Fieldwork in 2019 (2)

October 28, 2019 15:49

Hello! I am Moriguchi, a Social Studies teacher.

Belatedly I will report about fieldwork conducted by our students this summer.

The team studying about Yemen visited and interviewed with Mr. Yasuda of SAKA NO TOCHU Co., Ltd. on August 9. He politely answered students' questions while showing pre-roasting coffee beans! The students found there are a variety of coffee beans, each of which gives off completely different aromas. This company assorts many products from local farmers in each region and puts them on the market by taking farmers' story about harvesting into consideration. Our students understood that in Yemen how hard coffee producers are working to export specialty coffee amid the prolonged civil war. This story impressed the students, making them wonder what they could do for Yemen. I want the students to deepen their study by making use of this experience. We thank Mr. Yasuda and everybody of SAKA NO TOCHU Co., Ltd.