Final Project Study

Hello! I am Inoue, a Japanese Language teacher.

The sixth and seventh classes on February 14 (Fri.) were the last project study of the school year! Because the Toyonaka High School Project Study Presentation session was over on February 5, students wrote a paper individually in the last two hours.

First, students checked his/her manuscript, then teamed up in pairs to read it aloud face-to-face. If the partner points out strange expression in Japanese language and any logical inconsistency or contradiction, such an inadequacy must be corrected. This process was repeated by switching the role. After mutual reading, they moved to the room equipped with LAN/CALL systems in order to modify their manuscript using a personal computer. They must submit both data and printed paper.

The students who had finished early submitted by the end of the 7th class, but the others who had to correct many points or wanted to improve have to submit it by the deadline of February 18. This assignment is a general overview looking back on the one-year study! I want students to do their best though they are busy with the term-end examination.

Because this day was the final project study class, some teams seem to have dissolved, having a closing ceremony of Visions. I think that our school's project study has been promoted successfully especially because of the mutual cooperation among teams and Visions, while our students could, on the other hand, learn the difficulty in team activities. I expect they will be active in the future in a university or society by taking advantage of these one-year experiences, regardless of success or not.