Toyonaka High School Project Study Presentation Session Held (1)

Hello! I am Inoue, a Japanese Language teacher.

On February 5 (Wed.), the Toyonaka High School Project Study Presentation session was held in the gym, in the form of oral presentation. I will report it in two parts.

Following an opening ceremony at 1 p.m., there was a presentation by the members of the domestic study program (without going abroad); a report on American Studies Tour; and an oral presentation by each leader of SSH and SGH. These were performed by the Vision1 "Farewell Fairtrade" team. The team will also participate in the GLHS (Global Leaders High School) Presentation session on February 8, on which I will report later.

As the science-course students left the gym after the oral presentations by each leader, other oral presentations were made by the team leaders of Vision2, 3 and 4 toward humanities-course students. They were Vision2 "ZERO ENERGY SCHOOL," Vision3 "In order for Muslims to enjoy theme parks," and Vision4 "Google it Koran (Googling Koran)." Every team has compiled its one-year research into slides, graphs, illustrations, photos, videos, etc., making the contents easy to understand. Until this day the students had been practicing repeatedly, so they were able to speak out in a dignified manner.