Our Students Participate in Final WWL Project Study Presentation Session!

Hello! I am Inoue, a Japanese Language teacher.

On February 1 (Sat.) the final WWL project study presentation session was held at Kitano High School. Toyonaka High School teams participated as poster exhibitors because a trial examination was being carried out at school on that day. They exhibited two posters: "Happiness of Muslims" summarizing the experience of fieldwork in Indonesia and "Understanding Culture through Festivals" prepared by 2nd-year students of Vision4 project study.

0201①.jpg 0201②.jpg

The poster of "Happiness of Muslims" was a summary of what the team had learned in the fieldwork from January 4 through January 7. The team will also present the study results at the Toyonaka High School Project Study Presentation session on February 5. The fieldwork included many 1st-year students for whom poster creation was their first experience. I wish they would make the most of this experience for the next year's study project.

The team of "Understanding Culture through Festivals" came up with an idea that the Islamic festival called "Id al-Adha" would help deepen the understanding on Islamic culture, so the members have studied about it for one year. After many twists and turns, they could finally achieve the poster presentation (exhibition). I think they were so relieved. I wish they will continue the study until writing a final research paper.