Memory Lane Part 2

Miho.jpgGood morning, everyone. It is 5:50 am. (Japan Time). It is not as hot now as daytime. Yesterday I was at school. I saw several students and talked to one of them. Needless to say, I am now talking about the students who went to New Zealand. They look as great here as over there. I am relieved and I have renewed my energy to make them happier. They are my energy source.








Part 1からの続き)


"Are we able to get along?" "Will they like me?"

"What are we going to do at night and on weekend?"

"I will cook for them." "I will teach Japanese language and culture."

"I will ask them many questions tonight."

"Do I have something in common between my host sister and myself?"




They looked very nice. They were. They still are.

Yurina.jpgYukinori (Host Family).jpg 




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