1 School Osaka Prefecture Kishiwada High School (daily)
2 Location and directions
596-0073   Kishiwada City Kishiki Town 10-1
Tel 072-422-3691   Fax 072-432-5266
The nearest station: Nankai Line Kishiwada Station or
                           Takojizo Station
Access: From Nankai Line Sakai Station, 23 minutes
       From JR Sakai City Station, 26 minutes
       From Izumichuo by bus, 56 minutes
3 Principal Nakayama Akiyo
4 Faculty and staff The principal and vice-principal, 61 teachers, a school nurse,
three assistant teachers, an office manager, an office worker, two (or more) technical workers, 12 part-time teachers, two assistant language teachers , two part-time office workers, a school doctor, a school dentist, and a school pharmacist
5 History

1897  Established as Osaka Prefecture Sixth Common Junior High School
1901  Changed the name to Osaka Prefecture Kishiwada Junior High School
1948  Changed to Osaka Prefecture Kishiwada High School (coeducation)
1997  Celebrated the centennial anniversary of the school’s foundation
2003  Celebrated the completion ceremony for the new school building
       Designated as L-High school
2006  Local History Room and History Museum of Kishi-kou opened
2007  110-year anniversary
       Ochiai Library was designated as a Kishiwada City Cultural Treasure
2010  Designated as Global Leaders’ High School (GLHS)
2011  Designated as Super Science High School (SSH)
6 Program system

1st year   Literature & Science course (8 classes)

2nd year  Literature & Science course (8 classes)

3nd year  Literature & Science course (8 classes)

7 Educational goals ① To strenghen and foster the development of students’ unique talents
② To provide an educational experience that is both broad in subjects and deep in content
③ To give back to the local community through the sharing of students talents and scholastic knowledge
8 Annual events

April: Entrance ceremony, learning orientation, opening ceremony, homework test, introduction of club activities
May: Field trip, midterm exam
June: Teaching practice for college students, school festival
July: Term exam, summer seminar

August: Extra lessons, opening ceremony for 2nd term, homework test
September: Sports day, explanation of center exam, 3rd year achievement test
October: fire drill, student election conference, midterm exam, explanation to 1st/2nd year students for subjects selection next year, memorial school trip for 2nd year students
November: Training excursion
December: Term exam, 1st /2nd year sports match, winter seminar

January: opening ceremony, homework test, 1st ,2nd grade chorus competition
February: 1st ,2nd year achievement test, final exam
March: Graduation ceremony
9. Club activities
The rate of enrollment in club activities is more than 95 percent 3rd year students gradually retire after Golden Week


Sports club activities
baseball, table tennis, soft tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball, soccer, track and field, dance, gymnastics, judo, kendo, shorinji kempo, mountain climbing, swimming, badminton


Cutural club activities
chorus, shodo, art, literature, geography and history, English Speaking Society, drama, photography, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, sado, kado, brass band, guitar, light music, broadcasting, studying human rights forum, animation, shogi, math study,
10. University Acceptance
11. Others
Kishiwada High School educational collection

Local History Room
Collection and preservation of historical art-facts, including:
Old Japanese books such as Kaitai Shinsho, Wakannjyo, local signs called “Gobo no Keiji”, electriciteit from Holland, samples, instruments for experiment Kishiwada High School’s History Museum
Collection and preservation of teaching materials, and items from old Kishiwada Junior High School