Orientation Meeting of SGH Malaysia and Singapore Fieldwork

Hello, Everybody! I am Shikata, a teacher of geography/history/civics.

I will report on our school's fieldwork being conducted abroad.

Since designated as a Super Global High School (SGH), Toyonaka High School has conducted fieldwork abroad once a year.

(I myself think it should be carried out more often).

Last year fieldwork was conducted in Indonesia...

This year fieldwork will be conducted in Malaysia!

In reply to our invitation, 44 students applied for fieldwork!

The photo shows a briefing session about fieldwork held on September 17 (Sat.).

First, the school headmaster, Hirano, explained the aim of fieldwork.

(As a matter of fact, he has been to the island of Borneo in his school days).

Thereafter the schedule was announced and the situations were explained by using a slideshow by our teacher who went on a tour of inspection.

(Explanation by Ms. Okuda about the itinerary)

Ms. Okuda and I will lead the tour to fieldwork.

Because every student shows an interest in fieldwork, I can't wait to see how the fieldwork will turn out!

I wonder how many students will participate in the fieldwork.