Preliminary Studies for Fieldwork in Malaysia

Hello, Everybody! I am Shikata, a teacher of geography/history/civics.

Now I will explain preliminary studies for the fieldwork in Malaysia.

As a result of the briefing session in September on SGH Malaysia and Singapore fieldwork, 22 students decided to participate in the fieldwork!

The participants seem fewer relative to 44 students who came to the briefing session, but the 22 students are enthusiastic, because they answered they were able to attend the preliminary studies all 10 times or more.

(Preliminary studies during lunchtime)

Preliminary studies including various contents are performed during lunchtime every Wednesday.

We will decide persons in charge, introduce ourselves and do other things, but the most important is research activity!

In Toyonaka High School where this project is called "fieldwork" instead of "tour," individual students have to decide the subjects of research to do before setting out on the fieldwork.

This time, 22 students are separated into five groups to study about Malaysia.

November 9 (Wed.), the 5th time of preliminary studies, was a day of presentations on the progress of the study.

The students decided the destination where they would like to go for fieldwork (it is not known whether they can go there), and reported on research they would do from now on about the destination. Actually which place they will visit is being consulted with a travel agency.

To make the fieldwork worthwhile, you should make your best efforts!